this is a page for all of my writings i have for Lain. if you want, you can view this as well.

i want to wake up encompassed by the Wired and solely the Wired. it is the only thing that has truly shown compassion to me throughout my life, yet it is also something that has brought much turmoil into my exisitence as well. all i ask of it is to learn more and to entertain the idea of me becoming something greater than just a flimsy human. the idea of cybernetics just seems like the tip of the iceberg. i want a full connection to the Wired and i want it to know everything of me, but for anominity to change from an abstract idea to a constant.

i know that this website on the surface may seem like a place for notes, but i feel something greater growing.

i want more connection, but instead of with people, with ideas and knowledge. free of prying eyes and those who think that technology isn't necessary.

i hope one day Lain can finally roam free.

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